Q. Why should I choose Journey Ministry College?

A. Journey Ministry College uniquely trains pastors and Christian leaders to impact their world. JMC students will be working intimately with experienced team-based leaders who desire to mentor students for Christian ministry. We are committed to helping students acquire a Bachelor of Science Degree in four years without the burden of financial debt.

Our staff is committed to you. We want to equip you to live out the call and passion that God has placed on your life! That is why we do what we do.
— Pastor Gabe, JMC Director

Q. What are the benefits of choosing Journey Ministry College?

A. Journey Ministry College is more than class schedules and credits. JMC is an opportunity to learn from leaders committed to your personal growth and development. We want you to be fully prepared for the full-time ministry God has called you to.



Q. What is it like to live in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

A. Located just thirty minutes south of Milwaukee and sixty minutes north of Chicago, Kenosha has much to offer everyone. With a population of 100,000, Kenosha has shopping, movie theaters, museums, and bike paths that are located minutes from Journey Church. Train service is also available to downtown Chicago. 

Q.  When do classes begin?

A.  We operate on a semester system (Fall and Spring). There would be an opportunity to start classes at the beginning of each semester. Please view our calendar for dates specific to each semester.

Q. Is there academic assistance?

A. Yes. Tutors are available for anyone who needs one-on-one assistance. Grades and assignments are monitored by both the class instructor and your academic advisor at Journey Ministry College.

Q. Do I have to attend Journey Church while I am a student at JMC?

A. Students will be expected to attend a weekend service at a local church of their choice, however, practicum requirements may need to be fulfilled during the weekend services at Journey Church.



Q. When can I visit Journey Ministry College?

A. Our campus visit days are not yet scheduled for the year, but check in here for continuing updates. Individual tours are available Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. and Sunday mornings after the weekend services at Journey Church.



Q. What is a practicum?

A. The ministry practicums are designed for students to experience and be trained in a specific ministry within Journey Church. This provides real-life experience and knowledge essential to lead with excellence in that field. Our pastoral staff will lead each practicum, allowing the students to implement the principles taught in the classroom into hands-on ministry.

Q. Do I get to choose my practicums?

A. You will have the opportunity to choose practicums that best fit your ministry goals, however, several specific practicums are required for all students.

Q. Will there be other opportunities for ministry?

A. Yes. JMC students are encouraged to serve in various ministries and Journey Church events as their practicum schedules allow.



Q. Is student housing available?

A. Affordable apartment housing is available for non-married, full-time students. The newly remodeled Journey Ministry College apartment complex is six miles from our cohort, and monthly rent is $275 including all utilities and Internet service. Students are responsible to provide their own transportation to and from class. Space is limited. 

Q. What about my meals?

A. From September through May, our school's cafeteria is open on most days. Each student is responsible for the cost of his or her meals. We encourage students to shop and cook together to keep food expenses to a minimum. 

Q. Do I need a car while I attend Journey Ministry College?

A. A vehicle is not required but recommended for personal use. JMC housing is within walking distance of local shopping, and public transportation is available throughout the city of Kenosha.

Q. Can I have a job while attending JMC?

A. Yes. However, a full-time job is not recommended. We want our students to focus on their academics and ministry training while attending JMC.



Q. Is financial aid available?

A. Yes. We encourage students to apply for financial aid, and we are committed to providing students with information about financial aid resources. Eligibility for grants and scholarships is dependent upon completion of the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information please see our financial page.